Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mitt Romney Releases Video From Trip To New Hampshire

Free Strong America PAC has released a video containing footage from Mitt Romney's September 11, 2010 trip to New Hampshire. Romney addressed the Seacoast Republican Women's Chili Fest in the GOP stronghold of Stratham. The video is classic New Hampshire presidential primary politics, featuring Romney talking about American values in  a New Englandy back yard setting.

What I notice watching the video is that what I like to call the "angry-faced" Mitt Romney from 2008 is gone. I always thought that voters had trouble connecting to Romney because he was too negative all the time, especially when compared to the smiling face of Mike Huckabee. You could hate Huckabee's policies, but still want to grab a beer or jam out with him. Now, there's something new in Romney's voice, call me crazy but it almost sounds like compassion. We'll see how long this new persona lasts.

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