Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mitt Romney attacks cap and trade in Iowa (Video)

Mitt Romney repeatedly attacked President Barack Obama for supporting cap and trade legislation during his first speech in Iowa of 2011. His comments were captured on video by Stan Brewer of InsiderIowa.com and posted to YouTube.

The speech came just days before Romney's June 2 visit to New Hampshire, where the former governor of Massachusetts is expected to formally announce his candidacy for president.

Mitt Romney: Cap and trade raises energy costs 

Video 1 8:03

… he came into office and what was happening that people were losing jobs, home values were going down, costs were rising. And instead of focusing his energy on the economy, he delegated the stimulus to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. And they built a stimulus which grew government jobs, but didn’t grow private sector jobs. And then he went to work on his real agenda, and that was cap and trade to raise energy costs…

Mitt Romney: Cap and trade increases uncertainty for small business

Video 1 8:36

… virtually very aspect of his agenda increased the degree of uncertainty that existed in the employment sector. Small business that was say energy intensive wondered what the cost of their energy would be if his cap and trade program went through…
Mitt Romney: Obama's support for cap and trade policy inspired by Europe 

Video 2 2:03

I also think he may be getting some inspiration from our European friends, because when their economy was in trouble they spent more money and borrowed more money. And like the Europeans, when their energy was an issue they raised the cost of energy with cap and trade…


  1. This is exactly what I wanted to listen, I'd like to listen the whole speech because something was missing here, the speech was so convincing but I'd like to know the complete facts.

  2. This is actually pretty funny. Whoever did the video work on this, great job capturing the moment in full!

    - Jackie
    Maverick Video Production