Friday, December 16, 2011

Rick Perry on green energy subsidies

Rick Perry fielded a question about energy subsidies during the December 15, 2011 Fox News Republican presidential debate in Souix City, Iowa. 
Neil Cavuto, Fox News: Governor Perry, you have railed against the special treatment afforded Solyndra, as have the other candidates here tonight, and particularly the tax code incentives for green technology and allowances that have been made for this industry.
But as Texas Governor, you have afforded the same attention to the oil industry. Back in 2003, you signed a bill that reduced the tax payed by some natural gas companies that had helped them reap since better than $7 billion in tax savings.
So I guess what I’m trying to say is, “Are you guilty of the same behavior as Governor favoring an industry that you claim this President has favoring the green industry?”
Rick Perry: Today’s the 220th anniversary of the signing of the Bill of Rights and one of those, the 10th Amendment, I like a lot.
And the reason is because that’s how our founding fathers saw this country set up, where we had these laboratories of innovation.
It should be in the purview and the decision making process of a state. If they want to put tax policies in place that helps make them be more competitive.
We did it not only for the oil and gas industry, but we also did it for the alternative energy industry and the wind industry.
They came in droves, made Texas the #1 wind energy producing state in the nation.
But government shouldn’t be picking winners and losers from Washington, D.C.
That’s the difference.
If in the states, I’ll promise you Terry Brandstead in this state he knows how to put tax policy, regulatory policy in place to make his state more competitive. 
And you need 50 states out there competing with each other and Washington out of their hair. 

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