Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Full Video of Ron Paul's Speech at the University of New Hampshire

Durham, NH - Here is the full video of Congressman Ron Paul's March 24, 2011 speech at the University of New Hampshire. Around 616 voters of all ages packed into the Granite State room for the event, according to The New Hampshire. It was Paul's first trip to the Granite State since the 2008 election.


Republican State Senator Jim Forsythe introduces Ron Paul.

"Another thing that's interesting about Dr. Paul... is he did start the Tea Party movement," according to Forsythe.

Part 1: 

Ron Paul introduces the subject of his speech: Liberty.

Part 2

Ron Paul begins what would turn out to be a long tirade against the Federal Reserve.

Part 3

Paul continues his discussion of the Federal Reserve, while also voicing his opposition to the federal bailout of Wall Street:

"Sure, if we wouldn't have bailed out there would've been a Depression... but guess for whom? It would have been the people on Wall Street and the people who deserved bankruptcy..."

Part 4

Paul delves deeper into the details of his case against the Federal Reserve:

Part 5

Ron Paul discusses foreign policy, sharing his thoughts on the ongoing U.S. interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Pakistan - and the common tie than binds them all: oil.

"They were really pretty strict on the idea of militarism," Paul says while talking about the views held by America's founding fathers. "They actually had this belief that you shouldn't even have a standing army."

Part 6

Shifting his focus to U.S. troops stationed around the globe, from Germany to North Korea, Paul continues his discussion of foreign policy. He even calls for the U.S. to withdraw from the United Nations:

"We have like 780 bases around the world," Paul estimates. "Then we say we are not an imperialistic nation."

Part 7

Ron Paul talks state rights and the movement to "nullify" Obamacare:

Part 8

Ron Paul begins his rapid fire grand finale, hitting upon topics ranging from gold currency to the second amendment:


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