Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ron Paul talks hemp ethanol in NH (Video)

Durham, NH - In this video, Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) extolls the virtues of hemp while delivering a March 24, 2011 speech to students at the University of New Hampshire. Hemp can be used as a substitute for corn in ethanol production, according to Paul.

Turns out Ron Paul isn't just reading too many old issues of High Times while lounging beside his pool back in Texas. Legendary car marker Henry Ford experimented with using hemp to build and power cars. There's an interesting clip about it on YouTube:


  1. Not only can hemp make great ethanol, it can also be used to make over 50,000 other products. Let's stop this prohibition nonsense and legalize hemp. - Hemp for Victory 2012

  2. Interesting views - I mean, I heard hemp was made illegal primarily because the paper industry didn't want any competitors... that's pretty lame. Great video!