Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rick Perry talks energy in New Hampshire (Video)

Texas Governor Rick Perry responded to a voter's question about energy independence during his first visit to New Hampshire as a presidential candidate.

Video of Rick Perry talking energy policy in Greenland, NH

Transcript of Rick Perry comments on energy independence after his speech in Greenland, NH 

Rick Perry: He’s asking the question of how do we become energy independent? How do we create the jobs? What would be my plan to make America more energy independent? Is that a fair way to put it?
Voter: Yeah.
Rick Perry: When you heard me talking about removing the burdens on the job creators. The energy industry in America is a great example of that.
And the fact is, I am an all of the above energy guy. Now, I have a little asterisk on corn-based ethanol. It’s got some problems and I think they are going to start moving out of those subsidies and that government can’t go picking choosing winners…
But wind energy, solar energy and biomass… I am a supporter of nuclear energy. As a matter of fact, we’ve got three plants that are permitted in the State of Texas.
My heart goes out to the folks in Japan and what they’ve gone through. It’s a massive tragedy. But the fact is we don’t have tsunamis in Texas. And that state is an ideal state to be building nuclear power plants.
The fact is natural gas, which is… we don’t know where all the natural gas is in this country. We’re finding fields in Pennsylvania. Up in the (?), in the Marcellus over in Pennsylvania as I mentioned, in the Hainesville, down in east Texas and Louisiana. The Eagle Ford is a monstrous field in South Texas that we didn’t even know was there ten years ago.
We need to free our country to go and explore. But this administration is sending messages.
You know, I will tell you this. We finally have an energy policy in America at long last. And it is to make us as dependent on foreign sources of energy as we can be. And that is wrong. It is wrong for American jobs. It is wrong for our national security.
Free those agencies of the onerous leadership at the job. The EPA coming into the State of Texas, telling us they’re going to take over our air permitting process because they don’t like the way we are doing it. Now you remember the refining capacity we got in the State of Texas. We cleaned our air up in the decade of the 2000’s more than any other state in the nation: 23% reduction of ozone; 57% reduction of nitrous oxide. By the way, those are real pollutants, not to be confused with CO2.
But this administration wants to come in. Hydraulic fracking and the “questions” that they’re asking about hydraulic fracking – without that this natural gas that is the shell plates can never be produced.
You go to the Gulf Coast, whether you’re in Louisiana, Mississippi or Texas and the jobs that have been lost because this administration’s decision to not allow the permitting without any type of rapidity moving forward.
You know, and it kills me. I’ve got folks in Texas and Louisiana – and Bobby Jindall is a great governor. But you’ve got him over here and people loosing jobs in Louisiana because the president and his administration won’t let the permitting process move forward. But this president goes to Brazil and delivers $2 billion to help them deal with their offshore drilling projects. What are they thinking?

We need to be getting the energy industry going in this state and we need to be looking for ways to reduce the regulations and the cost instead of getting them off.  

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