Saturday, July 23, 2011

Herman Cain talks energy independence in Dover, NH

Herman Cain talked about energy independence and gas prices at a Republican State Committee Fundraiser held in Dover, NH on Thursday. Granite Grok caught Herman's entire speech on video. His energy comments start at 15:25.

Transcript of Herman Cain's comments on energy and gas prices:  

President Obama went to Brazil recently.
You all heard about that?
Loaned them $2 billion. Somebody told me it was more like three or four. Doesn’t matter, it was still a lot of money. And then announced to the Brazilians, “America’s going to be the best customer for the oil that you get out of the ground.”
I’m just the messenger.
Let me tell you what the Cain doctrine is going to be. America is going to be its own best customer.
We’re going to drill here. We’re going to get all that natural gas, coal. We have enough natural resources to become energy secure and energy independent.
I don’t mean independent from countries that are our friends. I mean energy independent from countries that don’t like us. Or countries that are playing us like a fiddle. Like Saudi Arabia. They’re playing us like a fiddle.
King Abdullah is the king of Saudi Arabia. One his sons was quoted… I don’t remember which one of them it was. He’s got too many for me to remember all of them. One of King Abdullah’s sons actually made the statement prior to an OPEC meeting. And I quote, “We must increase the supply of oil such that America and Europe will not be tempted to develop their own oil resources. 
Playing us like a fiddle.
So when he made that statement, as oil was near $4 a gallon. I mean oil was at $100 a gallon. It was over $100 a gallon. Gasoline was $4 a gallon. They increased the supply and the price came back down.
So some people go, “Phew, we dodged the bullet.” No we didn’t.
I don’t like being at the mercy of foreign countries when it comes to this economy. But if we don’t become energy independent it will also be a national security threat. So it’s economic and national security that we have on the line.

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