Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mitt Romney on renewable energy, electric cars and fracking

Mitt Romney responded to a question about energy while appearing on WMUR's Conversation With the Candidate.

Question: Given the most recent increase in fuel costs and the effects it has had on the average American worker and family, what plans do you have to pursue more natural and renewable energy sources?
Mitt Romney: Well, the natural resources we have in this country are gas, oil, coal, as well as nuclear. And we are not developing those resources as well as we ought to.
This administration, from what I can tell, has basically put the breaks on developing the resources we have in abundance and that represent by far the biggest portion of our energy mix.
Yeah, I’m all for solar and wind. But you don’t drive cars with a windmill. You have to have fossil fuels. Ultimately we’ll have electric cars, but we’re not going to have the country covered in Chevy Volts. Most people have gasoline combustion engines.
And so we’ve got to develop our oil resources and be drilling for more oil and searching our land to find out where that oil is. We’ve got to be developing our gas resources.
There was this great breakthrough and I’m not sure if you’re familiar with it. We used to only drill vertically to get oil and gas out of the ground. Someone discovered a way to go down vertically and then go horizontally. And by the way, by going horizontally you can tap into these gas pockets and then if you use water or a fluid to push the gas out… We’ve now through that technology to yield some 100 years of natural gas. 
So we have sources of energy right here that can power our power plants and that can power our transportation system. Let’s develop those resources.
And yeah, solar and wind and ethanol and biodiesels and so forth. Yeah, we like those too. But they will be a part of the mix. They are not the entire solution to our energy needs.
So I want to develop all of those resources. 


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