Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jon Huntsman answers question about ethanol (Video)

GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman reiterated his opposition to ethanol subsidies during a campaign stop in Sarasota, Florida over the weekend. The former Utah Governor and U.S. Ambassador to China also expressed his opposition to subsidies of all kinds.

Video of Jon Huntsman's ethanol comments:

Transcript of Jon Huntsman's comments on ethanol and subsidies:
Question: Governor, I have to put ethanol in my car. It fowls up my boat. It fowls up my car. It costs a lot more to make that ethanol. What’s your feeling about ethanol in today’s day and age?
Jon Huntsman: Well, there is probably a reason why the governor of Iowa is a little upset with me right now.
I don’t like subsidies that go into ethanol. In fact, I don’t like subsidies at all. And I think it is a budget issue in this country. And at some point, whether it’s through tax reforms, loopholes, biases or deductions. Whether it’s subsidies that get to the tens of billions of dollars. We’ve got to address that. And we’ve got to create a level playing field for people in this country and we’re not there today.
So, just look at the subsidy per gallon. You know, we already talked to ratching up to $13 when you factor in what I’ve already run through in the Middle East. We’ve got a similar situation in our subsidies for ethanol. I think it is something that needs to be addressed. 

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