Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rick Perry and the new Climategate

Rick Perry’s mysterious inability to name even a single scientist who has influenced his thinking on climate change just got a whole lot easier to explain. Officials at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality have been caught deleting all mention of climate change and sea level rise from a new State of the Bay Report examining the challenges facing the Galveston Bay estuary. 

The story was first broke by Kate Sheppard of Mother Jones:

In an act of protest against this politically motivated censorship of science, every scientist involved in the writing of the State of the Bay report has asked to have their name removed from the publication.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is led by three full time commissioners appointed by Perry. Ironically, the commissioners have adopted an “Agency Philosophy” that includes a commitment to “base decisions on the law, common sense, good science, and fiscal responsibility."

Like Perry, TCEQ Chairman Bryan Shaw is an outspoken critic of EPA science and a known climate skeptic. In his latest attack on the EPA, Shaw criticized the agency for using “bad science” in a press release sent out just days before TCEQ officials were caught using the “Delete” button to erase key scientific findings on climate change and sea level rise in their home state.

Official photo of Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Chairman Bryan Shaw. 

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