Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ron Paul's Plan to Restore America: Energy and the environment

In his first year as President, Ron Paul would use “the bully pulpit of the presidency” to cut $1 trillion in federal spending, cuts paid for in part by eliminating the Department of Energy.

That’s just one of the proposals laid out in Ron Paul’s “Plan to Restore America”, which is unique among the plans laid out by the 2012 Republican presidential candidates in that it makes no mention of the word “jobs”.

At the same time, the Texas Congressman appears to be backing away from a previous campaign promise to “Eliminate the ineffective EPA.” Paul’s new “Plan to Restore America” instead calls for a “30% total reduction from FY2006” in discretionary EPA spending.

Paul would also eliminate Department of State spending on “International Organizations and Conference”, which could make it difficult for the U.S. to participate in any future international action on climate change.

Ron Paul’s complete “Plan to Restore America” can be found here:


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