Thursday, December 30, 2010

Andy Martin: Birther Announces Candidacy For President

Republican Andy Martin, the self described father of the birther movement, formally announced his candidacy for president in New Hampshire on Wednesday during a
live interview with conservative radio talk show host Brian Tilton. The move makes Martin the first presidential candidate from either major party to announce his candidacy.

You can listen to audio of Martin's announcement online, courtesy of  WTPL 107.7 FM:

Part one

Part two

This isn't the first time that Martin has run for federal office. He was one of six U.S. Senate candidates who competed in Illinois' 2010 Republican primary election. Martin only received 5% of the vote in that race. The winner, Mark Kirk, went on to capture the seat once held by President Barack Obama in a symbolic victory for Republicans.

Martin has also launched a new campaign website:

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