Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gary Johnson for POTUSA in 2012?

If were lucky enough to be a kid during the 1990's era, you probably remember a band called Presidents of the United States of America or "POTUSA" for short. Aside from having a name that constituted a drug reference when abbreviated, the band is best known for its hit songs "Lump", "Kitty", and "Peaches". Now, a high profile "pot usa" is considering running to become the real President of the United States of America! Meet Gary Johnson.

The former Republican governor of New Mexico admitted to smoking marijuana for medical purposes from 2005 to 2008 during an interview with the Weekly Standard. At the time pot was illegal in New Mexico, but Johnson said the drug provided relief from pain caused by multiple bone fractures sustained during a paragliding accident in Hawaii. He's also been known to quip that he "did not exhale" in his younger days.

Johnson has been testing the waters for a possible presidential run for some time now. He visited New Hampshire several times in 2010, a state where lawmakers came close to legalizing medical marijuana, but were unable to overcome a veto by Governor John Lynch. As an advocate for legalizing marijuana, Johnson may be able to tap into the state's network of pot activists. But will the pot heads remember to vote on election day?

You can learn more about Johnson and his libertarian style of politics by visiting the website of his nonprofit, Our America - The Gary Johnson Initiative. More importantly, The Presidents of the United States of America are alive and still touring! Check out their website!

Picture of Gary "I did not exhale" Johnson by Steve Terrell

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