Monday, December 6, 2010

Ovide Lamontagne's PAC will endorse presidential candidate in 2012

In September, Ovide Lamontagne made nationwide headlines when he came close to beating Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire's 2010 Republican Senate primary. Now Lamontagne has a new PAC called the Granite Oath. The Union Leader reports that Lamontagne will put his newfound clout to work in 2012 by endorsing one of the Republican candidates running in the state's first in the nation primary.

Lamontage received 51,397 votes to Ayottes 53,056, according to records maintained by the Secretary of State. That's an impressive for a candidate who raised a total of $678,184 in a race that saw rivals raising and spending millions. Still, Lamontagne's low fundraising numbers suggest that the new PAC's primary strength may lie in its grassroots organizing ability.

So far, there doesn't seem to be much infrastructure behind Granite Oath PAC, aside from a Twitter account dubbed @graniteoathpac. Still, Lamontagne maintains a pretty solid network on the social media front. He has 2,050 followers on Facebook and 1,010 on Twitter.

Lamontage backed Mitt Romney in the 2008 New Hampshire Primary, according to the Union Leader.

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