Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fred Karger vs Mitt Romney - Who has the best announcement video?

The 2012 presidential election is heating up! Yesterday, Mitt Romney made a surprise visit to the University of New Hampshire, where he filmed a video announcing the launch of his new President Exploratory Committee.

Today, openly gay Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger is reminding voters that he beat Mitt Romney to the punch by filming his own announcement video in New Hampshire back in September.

Who has the best announcement video? You can weigh in on the debate by visiting Karger's Facebook page or by posting a comment below.

Fred Karger's announcement video:

Mitt Romney's announcement video:

I vote for Fred Karger's video. Here's why:

Fred's video shows a candidate out in the field, shaking hands, and meeting New Hampshire voters face to face. Romney's video shows a candidate standing alone in front of an empty football field. 

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