Friday, January 14, 2011

Herman Cain Presidential Exploratory Committee

At the age of 65, Herman Cain is looking to add another line to his already impressive resume. Yesterday, the longtime food industry entrepreneur and radio talk show host announced the formation of the Herman Cain Presidential Exploratory Committee.

Cain's bio is the stuff of American dreams, the rags to riches tale of a poor African American boy from Atlanta who would go on to work his way to the top of some of the nation's leading corporations, including Burger King, Coco Cola, and the Pillsbury Company. As CEO and President of Godfather's Pizza, he pulled a struggling company back from the abyss and returned it to profitability in just 14 months. Now Cain wants to do the same for America.

If he does run, Cain looks to focus heavily on the issue of taxes. You can find information about his FairTax plan on


  1. Fairtax sounds great, but is a bunch of nonsense. For example, its fine print shows a MASSIVE new tax on city and state governments

    Not sure if Herman knows this -- but Fairtax spokesmen defend the massive new tax on city and state governments.

    How will Herman respond to questions about this massive new tax on New Hampshire government, and every city in New Hampshire?

  2. Good question! If he ends up running, you'll probably get a chance to ask him when he visits the Granite State.

  3. Cain hires NH staffer -