Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ron Paul vs Rand Paul for President?

Last week, during an interview with ABC news, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) suggested that a presidential run may lie in his political future. This week, it is his father who is making headlines. USA Today reports that Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) will participate in The Family Leader's Iowa-based presidential lecture series on March 7, 2011. Could New Hampshire's 2012 Republican presidential primary feature a Ron Paul vs Rand Paul match up?

All signs point to "No". As Rand Paul noted in his interview with ABC News, he's only been in Washington for about a month now. If he's going to run for president, it would make sense for him to wait until 2016. Strategically speaking, it seems unlikely that he is ready to take on his dad, who has spent decades building a nationwide network of grassroots supporters. At least for now, Rand Paul's political future seems inextricably tied to the Ron Paul Nation. He simply can't afford to alienate his father's supporters.

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