Friday, June 17, 2011

Fred Karger takes on Big Oil

In March, Fred Karger made history by filing paperwork to become the first openly gay presidential candidate to run under the banner of either major political party. Now, Karger has become the first Republican presidential candidate to take on Big Oil.

"Big Oil is hurting American families and destroying the economy," Karger says in a new campaign ad. "All while raking in over $1 trillion in profits over the last ten years alone."

Here's a quick look at where Fred Karger stands on energy independence and renewable energy (Source:

"We must end our reliance on foreign oil."

“We need to immediately start energy conservation in this country.  We can lessen our dependence on foreign sources by this voluntary common sense approach [right now].”

“We need to explore alternative energy, wind and solar power.  My home state of California is going to have a third of all power from renewable sources by 2020.”

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