Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Watch Jon Huntsman announcement online - Video and live blog

Voters can watch Jon Huntsman’s announcement speech live online today – June 21, 2011 - at 10 AM ET right here on New Hampshire Primary 2012: Green.

Watch live streaming video from jon2012 at livestream.com

New Hampshire Primary 2012: Green will be live blogging Jon Huntsman's announcement address.

8:30 AM

The former Governor of Utah is also scheduled to visit Exeter, New Hampshire today. He will be speaking at Exeter Town Hall at approximately 12:30 PM.

8:45 AM

During previous visits to New Hampshire, Jon Huntsman has not been shy when it comes to talking about energy policy.

While talking to voters in Windham, NH in May, Huntsman warned that the true cost of gasoline is around $13 to $14 per gallon. Asked to identify the biggest foreign policy problem facing the nation, Huntsman had this to say:
I would say that leading that list would have to be our dependence on foreign oil. I think that is crippling us. I think it's an issue that, also, we can resolve. 
9:00 AM 

In June, Jon Huntsman told CNN that he supports the phase out of all subsidies, including those for oil and natural gas, while visiting New Hampshire.

9:30 AM

At 10 AM, Jon Huntsman will formally announce his candidacy for president of United States while standing in the shadows of the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero at Liberty State Park in New Jersey.

Huntsman will also be walking in the footsteps of a conservative legend. Ronald Reagan, the man who took the solar panels off the White House, launched his 1980 presidential campaign here. Will Huntsman blaze his own trail on clean energy, or take the Reagan path?

10:00 AM

Live video begins with image of Jon Huntsman strolling across the lush green grass of Liberty State Park, family walking arm in arm.

10:05 AM

Biographic video of Jon Huntsman is now playing, with images of the candidate (presumably) riding across Utah's desert terrain on a dirt bike.

10:06 AM

Among Jon Huntsman's virtues - he has a "taste for dirt" according to biographic video.


Huntsman: "Today, I am a candidate for president... my kids can't believe I just said that."


Now presidential candidate Jon Huntsman is extolling the virtues of the United States: "Character that made the deserts bloom..."


Huntsman is warning about the dangers posed by our nation debt and bad economy.


Huntsman: We must "...seize the lost opportunity of energy independence."


Jon Huntsman promises to take the high road during his campaign. "I respect my fellow Republican presidential candidates and I respect the President of the United States."


"This is the hour when we choose our future." - closing line of Jon Huntsman's announcement speech.


Short and sweet at just 20 minutes long.

Jon Huntsman is exiting the stage, leaving behind the lingering image of American flags waving in the wind and Statue of Liberty standing in the background.


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