Thursday, June 16, 2011

Herman Cain global warming is poppycock

On Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain phoned in to the Mark Levin Show and made some rather animated comments about ethanol subsidies and global warming.

Herman Cain on subsidizing ethanol
Mark Levin: Do you still support subsidizing – not you still, but the country - subsidizing ethanol? 
Herman Cain: No I do not. I think we need to phase ethanol out. At the same time, find additional distribution for the corn product that we are burning to try to create fuel.
That’s not working on the right problem Mark. And this is why I believe we need to work on the right problem and there would be no need for ethanol subsidies.

Herman Cain on global warming:

Mark Levin: And what about man-made global warming? Do you think something should be quote unquote done about that?
Herman Cain: Manmade global warming is poppycock. I hope I can say that on your show.
Mark Levin: You know you can.
Herman Cain: In other words, I don’t believe in it.
Look, if people look at the real data, the climate had varied ever since we’ve known that the planet is here. And we know that those scientists who tried to concoct the science to say we had a hockey stick global warming and they were busted because they manipulated the data.
No! This manmade global warming is not a crisis.
Mark Levi: You know, when I was growing up I remember we called that weather.

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