Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jon Huntsman cap and trade reality check

Jon Huntsman's presidential campaign has launched an innovative new website - 2012realityroom.com - aimed at providing voters with a "Reality Check" on where the former Utah governor stands the key issues up for debate in the 2012 election.

There's been a lot of buzz lately about Jon Huntsman's record on cap and trade, so I typed the words "global warming" into a search box labeled "Search by issue" and came up empty. Next I tried the phrase climate change. Bingo! Apparently, Huntsman is up to date on environmental lingo.

Here's the straight forward answer to the questions, "Does Jon Huntsman support cap and trade?":
Jon believes that reviving the economy and creating jobs must be our central focus today and doesn't support cap and trade.
And where does Jon Huntsman stand on climate science?
It’s true that Jon believes that the science behind climate change is an issue that should be answered by the scientific community, and this stance is shared by many Republicans including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Mitt Romney.
This position differentiates Huntsman from fellow Republican presidential candidates Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty, both former conservative climate activists who have flip-flopped over to the skeptic side in recent years.

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